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Aquashine BTX

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Contains 1 2ml syringe

Indicated foroffer a complete solution in the Anti-age therapyThe specialty of the product is that it has the characteristics of both the restructuring and the relaxing agent. Effect3 in 1: renovation, relaxation, correction and hyperpigmentation.

It can be organically combined with the already consolidated Aquashine or Aquashine BR in a single session for different areas or in a series of sessions depending on the characteristics of the individual patients for the optimization of an individual treatment protocol.

Main applications of Aquashine BTX:

Anti-aging therapy and prevention of involvement changes in the skin:

  • Deep renovation of the skin.
  • Roughness related to aging.
  • Dynamic wrinkles in the periorbital area ("chicken legs").
  • Dynamic and static wrinkles on the forehead, perioral wrinkles, vertical wrinkles over the upper lip, etc.
  • Correction of facial contours.

Post-acne and other scars on the skin:

  • Atrophic scars.
  • Postoperative scars.
  • Preparation for dermobrasion and strengthening of the effect. 


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Product application

The application of the product is reserved exclusively for professional healthcare professionals with adequate qualification. Therefore, any liability for uses or applications of the product made by subjects not qualified for health treatments is declined.

The technical capacity is essential for the success of the treatment, therefore the fillers (medical devices) must be used by doctors who have received specific training on injection techniques for the restoration of volumes. A good knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the area to be treated is required.


Store the product in the original packaging at a temperature between 2 ° C and 25 ° C, sheltered from direct sunlight and frost. The deadline refers to the product correctly preserved, in the integral package.