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Prostrolane Inner B

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Contains 1 2ml syringe

Suitable for the irregularities of the skin caused by the accumulation of fat below.

What is localized fat?

By localized fat we mean those imperfections Which bacon, Coulotte, love handles, double chin etc., where a part of the body fat tends to concentrate and which become the preferential tank of accumulation of excess lipids.

In these areas the tissue is particularly rich in fat cells (adipocytes) compared to other areas.

What is Prostrolane Inner B?

It is an injectable product based on hyaluronic acid and biomimetic peptides. Hyaluronic acid has the function of support, carrier and protected deposit of biomimetic peptides with a stimulus and cell activation function. It does not cause the destruction of adipocytes but the reduction of the accumulation of lipids in them and also exerts control of lipogenesis.


the adipose tissue will begin to reduce gradually while the skin in the treated area will be more tonic And compact Without leaving areas of cutaneous waving as the treatment is also active on collagen fibers.

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Product application

The application of the product is reserved exclusively for professional healthcare professionals with adequate qualification. Therefore, any liability for uses or applications of the product made by subjects not qualified for health treatments is declined.

The technical capacity is essential for the success of the treatment, therefore the fillers (medical devices) must be used by doctors who have received specific training on injection techniques for the restoration of volumes. A good knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the area to be treated is required.


Store the product in the original packaging at a temperature between 2 ° C and 25 ° C, sheltered from direct sunlight and frost. The deadline refers to the product correctly preserved, in the integral package.