On which areas of the face is it possible to intervene with aesthetic medicine?

Today, aesthetic medicine has really made great strides and covers the aesthetic needs of the whole face. The face is ideally divided into three sectors or 'thirds': upper, middle and lower. Each of these defines an area that has different points on which it is possible to intervene with a filler-based treatment.

The superior third of the face

It consists of the eye and forehead area. For rejuvenate This part of the face You can lift the above arcade, intervene on the naso-lacrimal furrow and fill the emptying in correspondence with the temples, as well as treating wrinkles. This correction, in addition to restoring a worthy frame for the eyes, also lifts and lightens the upper eyelids, for a more relaxed appearance.

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The average third of the face

It includes cheekbones and cheeks. The cheekbones tend to lose projection and protrusion and accentuate the depth of the furrows between the nose and the external corners of the mouth. Wrinkles verticals appear between the nose and the upper lip. The loss of volume in this area very much penalizes the general harmony of faceThe lifting of the cheekbones returns tension to the skin cheeks and reduces the depth of the nasolabial furrows. Sometimes it is also necessary to intervene on the marked nasolabial furrows, which can give a tired and spoiled appearance even to an overall young face.

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The lower third of the face

It includes the lips, the mandibular line, the chin, the neck and the décolletè, which can be affected by the skin relaxation and appear not very defined. The mouth also loses turgor, the contours become less clear, the arch of Cupid loses its typical heart trend. The rejuvenation The mouth can therefore understand the correction of the volume and the definition of the lip contour. Finally, the correction of the chin eliminates the lateral emptying that makes him seem sharp and brings his face to appear thinned, emptied, spoiled.

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