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Allergan Aesthetics

Juvéderm Volift Retouch

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Contains 2 0.55ml sirings (lidocaine 0.3%)

Suitable for deep skin depressions, remodeling of the contours of the face and to correct structural defects such as asymmetry or irregularities of the contours but also loss of vitality and and tonicity of cheeks and chin.

Application areas: cheeks, cheekbones, front and chin.

Injection depth:Deep dermis.

Shipping & Rendered

Italy, Vatican City, San Marino: free shipping For orders> € 69.99

European Union: €20

United Kingdom: €25

Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gibraltar, Iceland, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Liechtenstein: €30

Product application

The application of the product is reserved exclusively for professional healthcare professionals with adequate qualification. Therefore, any liability for uses or applications of the product made by subjects not qualified for health treatments is declined.

The technical capacity is essential for the success of the treatment, therefore the fillers (medical devices) must be used by doctors who have received specific training on injection techniques for the restoration of volumes. A good knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the area to be treated is required.


Store the product in the original packaging at a temperature between 2 ° C and 25 ° C, sheltered from direct sunlight and frost. The deadline refers to the product correctly preserved, in the integral package.

Certificazione di qualità

I prodotti della linea Juvéderm distribuiti sul territorio nazionale sono dotati di un nuovo identificatore olografico. Questo per assicurare un'ulteriore garanzia ai clienti che i prodotti acquistati attraverso la rete di distribuzione ufficiale hanno seguito le buone pratiche di distribuzione fino al punto di ricezione.

Quality certification

The products of the Juvéderm line distributed on the national territory are equipped with a new holographic identifier. This is to ensure an additional guarantee to customers that products purchased through the official distribution network have followed good distribution practices up to the point of receipt. If in doubt about the filler products provided by Allergan Aesthetics contact: Telephone: +39 065 095 61 - E-mail: For more information visit